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Attempts to Verify Story of James Files Have Failed

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 2:04 am
by Dan Allen
First the good news, which I hope proves to be a saving grace. This website is not censoring criticism. That is a very very good sign of truth.Unfortunately...We start with a conflict of interest, because the information is being sold for profit in a field where that has questionable moral standing. Even if the the morality was not an issue, it has to be accepted that people who stand to gain from a story they are telling cannot be accepted without corroboration from independent sources with sufficient strength to overcome doubts raised by the conflict of interest. Then physical evidence purported to prove the story is shown to be not what it was said to be. (the bullet casing, details at this link:Now we are presented with a pitch to buy more of the story, accompanied with an explanation that no more of Mr. Files information will be available until he has been dead for two years. Sounds like a business plan and not a pursuit of public awareness or truth.The salesmen presents himself as a gangster.I know signs of truth and I know signs of fake. Here, I see one big sign of truth - non censorship of dissent. The truth does not travel without all its entourage, including a sense of life and vitality. This place feels like death.Has Zak Shelton's FBI career been proven?