what Happen to all the false flags when Obama was in power

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what Happen to all the false flags when Obama was in power

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911 was a complete lie another false flag just like The 2020 election,

what happen to all the school shootings and church shooting

Did Trump scare away all the deep state ?

it’s all connected and will continue once Trump leaves office
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Re: what Happen to all the false flags when Obama was in power

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An early false flag was Nazis setting fire to the Reichstag and blaming Communists. The Enabling Act disbanded the Reichstag and began the systematic disarming and persecution of the NSDAP's opponents.

The following year Stalin killed Kirov and spent the rest of his life shooting or exiling to certain death his opponents--or anyone at random whose death or banishment could instill terror in Soviet subjects.

Representing the Nazis we have their fanboy Soros involved in the Dominion octopus--the Dominion CEO was just moved to head Soros' Open Societies Foundation. Soros appears in the Staple Street hot tub with Snow and Quayle.

The Soviet vein emerges as the antifascist movement in Berlin, the German Communist Party.

Although Nazis and Communists fought in the streets, their psyches are the same per Eric Hoffer, The True Believer (1951). Mass movements are comprised of the few tyrants at the top and the sea of needy followers beneath.

Antifa partied all this year, in tandem with its Marxist partner BLM, burning, looting, murdering.

Yesterday it performed its finale, the "storming of the Capitol"-- a Kabuki theater piece pre-approved by Pelosi and Schumer, then shrieked by the flying monkeys of media in a brown storm of flung poo.

Just as the 9/11 event was not born of some pointy-nosed fanatic on a dialysis machine in a cave, so, too, the tackily costumed actors throwing flares at police were not voters angered at fraud, but practiced tacticians.

I was in Chicago to film and tape the October 8-11, 1969, SDS Days of Rage as a polic sci project.

Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn and a couple of hundred friends in army surplus garb smashed plate glass to grab press for their revolution.

Ayers would fail then but ghost write "Obama's" Dreams of My Father (the Kabuki Kenyan, not the real Malcolm) while Bernadette would per legend introduce Hussein and Michael/Michelle/whatever.

As Holmes said to Watson in The Adventure of the Three Garridebs, "Touch him were we will he is false."

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