Is the Corona Virus Real a pandemic or Plandemic

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Is the Corona Virus Real a pandemic or Plandemic

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This is my take on this total fake pandemic plandemic

There is no Harmful virus that goes around killing people,

all deaths listed including heart attacks car accidents or any time are listed as Corona virus

The hospitals are not full

The Flu has been renamed to call it covid 19

A scare tactic from the Deep state elites into wearing Useless Mask to control the Population

The Mask do not work at all, in fact you will get sick from wearing a mask breathing in your own air , and what about the daily germs on your mask that you breath in day after day.

We now know the nwo has pretty much taken over the globe, putting fear around the world , while the leaders of the Counties take bribes to shut them down and close the economy

Now they will force a vaccine 💉 on you to prevent you from getting sick, why ? the covid 19 flu is what it should be called is easily beatable its 99.9 beatable, Heck with those odds I’m not taking no vaccine as I do not take the flu shot for 60 years ,

why are they doing world wide vaccines well i’m sure they have there sick sinister reasons, look at Bill Gates flying around the world handing out money to convince countries to play along.

Fauci said a few years ago that this virus would be here while Trump is in office.

How did he know? well it’s a Plandemic, one of the reasons is to get Trump out of office, another Coup, look how the Media has been reporting lies like we are stupid, All the numbers are fake, How does the deep state convince the Media world wide to play the same tune with the same story.

That's how we know it’s a Coup.

Can you imagine voter fraud to the extent it is happening in ?

Fake ballots fake servers fake votes, dead people voting, and the biggest joke of a candidate ever to run, Joe the bumble Biden, He gets 10 people to Trumps 50,000 at the Rallys and were supposed to believe he won, now the fake Media is trying to pound that narrative in our head.

Guess what we don’t buy anything the media says in fact it’s time nobody watches them anymore .

They are a paid Propaganda joke that spews lies and Hatred, it’s time they all got arrested for the attempted Coup and Charged with Treason.

All what is happening is beyond anything I have seen.

More than 80 million people Voted for Trump and the deep state soon will tumble.

look at the sensoring of Twitter and Facebook it’s really Criminal that we no longer have free speech,

Trump wants to get rid of 230 to hold them accountable and Liable to Lawsuits .

I lived through JFK
I lived through RFK
I lived through MLK
I lived through 911
I lived through JFK Jr


We are all aware of what the deep state can do, and one day it will come to an end.

Screw the fake Corona covid 19 flu, it’s not a Deadly Virus.

I am waiting for hundreds of people to get arrested for Treason

@realdonaldtrump I hope he sends them all to Guantanamo for Military Tribunals.
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Re: Is the Corona Virus Real a pandemic or Plandemic

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