Toward a unified field theory of the War State

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Toward a unified field theory of the War State

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I believe that we are assembling a unified field theory of the War State.

Just as JFK was taken out to ram through a decade in Vietnam, I believe Trump extricating us from two decades in Smackistan is making the Masters of War bare their fangs.

It's very much a case of Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia--and Trump is as dangerous as Ayn Rand--the individual is the enemy of the totalitarian state.

That's an enormous bridge: from The New Frontier to Make America Great Again--in either case, in both cases, we see the needs of the junkie warmongers foiled by fostering a harbor free of war, where enterprise and thought prosper.

The fascism of this virus psyop is an abomination akin to the Nazi hysteria.

Hitler said in 1942 he would shoot anyone rioting against National Socialism.

Such is the frenzy to stamp out resistance to the bloodlust of the Cuomo-Fauci-Newsom-Whitmer hyenas.

Interesting times.
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