who really shot MLK ?

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who really shot MLK ?

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There is a very good book on this subject it was A Police officer from the bushes across the street

https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.washing ... utType=amp
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Re: who really shot MLK ?

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I have William F. Pepper, Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.

https://www.amazon.com/Orders-Kill-Behi ... B016X0H54Y

Subsequent works by the author include:

The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
https://www.amazon.com/Plot-Kill-King-B ... WT4C&psc=1

An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King
https://www.amazon.com/Act-State-Execut ... 4F66&psc=1

There was no shot from the boarding house bathroom window--until Memphis Sanitation cleared the brush the next day.

King had an inside first floor room at the Lorraine--until someone mysteriously changed it to the exposed balcony room.

Military intelligence (later CIA) agent Marrell McCullough was in the Lorraine lot at the time of the shot--then dashed up the stairs to check King's vitals.

Also present Jesse Jackson who would inherit the mantle of leadership.

King had come out against the Vietnam War one year TO THE DAY before his murder.

The man who removed security was Memphis Police and Fire Commissioner Earl Holloman a twenty-five-year FBI veteran of Hoover's detail.

Police did not follow the bystander's eyewitness report of the shooter escaping in a car not Ray's white Mustang--and there was a second white Mustang.

Again the ballistics are misrepresented--the rifle in evidence cannot be linked to the fatal bullet.

1968 began with Tet which was the Communists' last gasp. LBJ wimps out in March. Down goes King in April. Bobby in June. The Chicago debacle. Nixon's election.

Later Helms would set up Nixon with the McCord provocation and Woodward's two-year attack.

The deep state overrules the peoples' freedom of speech and choice.

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Re: who really shot MLK ?

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It was late afternoon and I was walking down a New York City street heading toward a restaurant and late lunch. William Pepper and his associate Laurie were with me. Pepper had flown me in for a debriefing on the RFK murder as he recently took on Sirhan Sirhan's case. I told Pepper at UC Berkeley I had read extensively into the House Select Committee Hearings on the MLK murder but had to stop in order to finish my thesis on the JFK assassination. I read enough to know that someone in the Martin Luther camp was feeding everything to the FBI in real time. I asked him if he knew this. He said he did. I asked whom he suspected. Pepper said, "It was Ralph Abernathy." Back in California and a couple of years later I read, "And the Walls came Tumbling Down," Abernathy's bio. I wanted to see if he had left a clue in his book. Abernathy tells of King winning the Nobel Peace Prize and how Abernathy was insistent on King sharing the prize with him since he was there every step of the way. King disagreed. This provoked bad feelings at least on the part of Abernathy. I thought, so you betrayed your best friend because of envy. Envy, and you go to the FBI agreeing to be a CI. I've always wondered if he played a role in encouraging King to return to Memphis, move out of the Holiday Inn and into the Lorraine and then change rooms to the room with a balcony.
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