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Chicago, Illinois time:

Dear Global Forum Members & Readers:

What is the Truth ?

Can the Truth Change ?

What role does Perception Play ? In Sequential Time Line
Analyses ? In History, Past, Present, & Future ?

Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How are our Perceptions
controlled today of the Past, Present, & Predicted Future ?

Much wiser have penned that The Law Is Not Black Nor
White, but a Varying Shade of Grey.

Others have added/written that The Truth Is Not Black Nor
White, but a Varying Shade of Grey that changes over time.

Simple Example:

While visiting Jimmy Files at Stateville for decades for over
800+ visits, many Inmates (can't call them convicts/criminals/
felons, etc.) proclaimed their innocence 100% over decades
for some.

Some of these Inmates died in prison: either some men died,
or their parents, wives (died/divorced/remarried/moved away),
& sometimes their children died, etc.

Being from Chicago beaten/rigged/tortured confessions are
commonplace we have "finally" learned.

Some Inmates had their Convictions overturned because of
DNA, beatings, torture, etc.

But for 10 - 20 - 30+ years in Prison The "Known Truth" was
these Inmates were guilty of Major Felonies. Period.

Many who lived received much money for destroyed lives
upon Removal of their Convictions.

So What Was, Became, & Is The Truth ? In these many cases
the "Truth" by Perception was wrong, & only sometimes

Query - My Point:

& does the same not apply to JFK, Russia, the 1960's Cuban
Missile Crisis, The Totality of Todays Crises, etc. ?

What Is Our Truth today for The Cuban Missile Crisis & The
Removals of JFK, MX, MLK, & RFK, the Oklahoma Bombing,
09.11.2001, etc. ?

What Is Our Truth today for Ukraine, Russia, Gaza, Israel,
Palestine, Cuba, etc. ?

Lunch break over. But I'm in Outer Space as we in Chicago
plan for the August, 2024 Democratic National Convention,
Mass Arrests, More Chaos, More Crime, etc. A Virtual
Convention Idea is still floating around.

1968 DNC here Mayor Daley issued the Famous/Infamous
Shoot to Kill Orders.

Today over a billion dollars will be spent to level & remove
blacks to make way for the New Barack Hussein Obama
Center & Library, as crime soars, schools close, & the
dumbing down of Chicago's collapse continues.

Patterns ?

What Is The Truth for you ?

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